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This is an archive for the stories that I’ve put up on this Substack so far.

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Retelling Myths

  1. The Great Sage, the Equal to Heaven [齊天大聖]

  2. Irene Upon Reading Watson

  3. Mordred at Camlann

  4. Heracles Bargains For Prometheus

  5. Sita Calls for Mother Bhumi

  6. The Sword Above the Throne

  7. The Lost Head of Medusa

  8. Chang'e Admires the Earth [嫦娥賞地球]

  9. Gawain Versus Lancelot - The Tragic Folly of Two Knights

  10. Nightmare at the Red Cliffs [赤壁大亂]

  11. Atlas in the Wasteland

  12. Arthur and the Sword in the Stone

  13. The Singing Head of Orpheus

  14. For Love, Lu Bu Betrays His Foster Father [為愛,呂布背叛義父]

  15. Bedivere and the End of Excalibur

  16. Daedalus, Architect of the Labyrinth

  17. Theseus, Slayer of the Minotaur

  18. Daedalus, Builder of Wings

  19. Pellinore and the Duel with Excalibur

  20. The Magic of Beanstalk Jack

  21. Snow White and Little Red Riding Hood

  22. Arash's Shooting Star

  23. Red Riding Hood and the Tower of the Glass Coffin

  24. Nuwa Creates Humanity [女媧創人類]

  25. Nimue and Merlin - An Excalibur Love Story

  26. An Adventure With Nezha [哪吒大冒險]

  27. Typhon and Echidna, the Progenitors of Monsters

  28. The Life and Death of Caeneus

  29. The Family History of Morgan le Fay

  30. Daughter of the Snow

  31. The Great Battle Between the Three Disciples and the Bull Demon King (Beginning) [三徒弟大戰牛魔王 (前)]

  32. The Great Battle Between the Three Disciples and the Bull Demon King (Conclusion) [三徒弟大戰牛魔王 (後)]

  33. The Voyage for the Pale Blue Dot

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